For most of us, Covid has left a devastating effect on our livelihoods and minds. As we learn to live with the effects of trauma associated with the chaos that started in early 2020, finding our perfect balance of normalcy without compromising safety can still be a struggle. There is no perfect answer, but most of us can agree that a sane mind promotes overall health and that includes self-care.

I’m very grateful that I’m still in business. Of course, things are not as they use to be, but nonetheless still fortunate that my basic necessities are met and still have a job doing what i love. Many people are not as fortunate and most of us have shifted our priorities for survival. Talking to clients has given me a new perspective on how the covid chaos and events that followed really shifted people’s mindset, mainly for the negative.

Naturally, the unknown is always scary but we do have a choice. Do we allow fear to destroy our mental health or will we equip ourselves with the defenses our bodies need to survive? No matter how we feel about the ongoing chaos, our choice will make us or break us. I realize i’m still in business because as humans, we have primitive needs for socializing and grooming… besides shelter, food and water. Simply talking to someone while being groomed has been essential to boost confidence, which is known to promote mental wellness. Deep down at our core, we are still primitive beings with basic needs. Self care is now being treated as necessary form of therapy. I’ve also been fortunate to not have been impacted from a mental state of mind because my job requires me to be social.

Think about it… now the majority or our day takes place at home. If we have families, privacy becomes a luxury. If we tune into the news or social media, the majority of content is all drama. If we work from home, we get cabin fever. These situations cause stress and irritability. Our mental health has been compromised which lowers our overall immunity. Yes we still need to be safe and take all necessary precautions whenever possible, but not at the expense of our mental sanity.

In the end of the day, from a primitive standpoint this world is and always will be ‘survival of the fittest’. Nature will do whatever its meant to do, but we have to realize that life does go on if we let it. What I suggest is do what feels right to you while still being considerate of others. Besides the obvious immunity builders such as eating a good diet, vitamin intake and exercise, try to schedule a daily activity that keeps your mind in check; like a nice walk in the park, gardening, creating art, reading a good book or spoiling yourself at your favorite beauty shop! Your mind will thank you!