Everyone’s hot for henna! Who can blame them? Even i love it and its my preferred method to tint brows for my clients and myself! Why? Because its the perfect compromise between makeup and cosmetic tattooing. It doesn’t wash off at the end of the day and there’s no risk getting stuck with a bad tattoo. For those that are not ready to go invasive… there’s nothing better than brow henna!

Brow Obsession is a real epidemic and everyone is coveting full, beautiful brows… and they’ll do anything to get them, even going the invasive route. When the Microblading craze started a few years ago, there seemed to be a huge misconception about what the service entails. Many were disillusioned that Microblading was a one time deal and they’ll never have to fill in their brows again. This is far from the truth! I’ve written a previous blog about this and you can read about it here. Microblading for many, left something to be desired. There was no strict regulations besides getting a tattoo license. The market was flooded with newbies who weren’t formerly trained and even if they were, it takes years to truly master the art of Microblading. Price is definitely something that people were either lured in or deterred. The lower the price, the less skilled the artist. The higher the price, the more skilled the artist. My philosophy is to never compromise safety or quality for the best deal. After all its your face… and I’ve seen many people with bad Microblading work!

Where Microblading fails… Henna succeeds! Henna is the only non invasive way to tint brows and lasts longer than makeup. But how long does it last? Henna is generally estimated to last 5 – 14 days on skin and up to 6 weeks on brow hair. Although Henna staying power cannot be guaranteed, those with plenty of brow hair, normal healthy skin and a no-fuss skin care routine, will experience the best results. On average most clients claim a week’s worth of bold brows with gradual fading after. For me, who’s oily skinned and exfoliate the heck out of it, Henna lasts me about 5 days and is completely faded after 7. However, my sparse brows look darker for another 2 weeks or so. The reason why Henna is so successful is because its not a scary commitment vs. a tattoo. As trends come and go, Henna is fully customizable! Maybe you changed your hair color? Maybe you want light, dark or ombré brows? The possibilities are endless, all while making your am beauty routine a bit easier!

If you’re dancing around the idea of brow tattooing but are not ready to take the plunge, I highly recommend trying Henna Brow Tinting first. That way, you can ‘test drive’ a tattooed look and see if its for you! Keep in mind that Henna is very staining! Make sure to see someone with an artistic touch that specializes in brows. Otherwise, you may be surprised with the outcome! Even with a semi-permanent effect, you still want to feel confident with your ‘brows on’.