Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book an appointment?

Appointments for in-studio services during normal business hours are booked online. You will need to enter a valid card to reserve your appointment. You are not charged unless the time reserved results in a ‘No Show’ or Cancellation after the 24-hour grace period. If any of those situations occur, your card will be charged 50% of the booked service amount. To book online, please click HERE.

If you have a request for a service not readily available on our booking sites, such as an Off-hours, House Call or On-site Makeup, or to view details on our current business policies, please visit our Salon Policies page HERE

How do I know if my appointment is reserved?

Your appointment is reserved when Square sends you an email and text message with your appointment details. We also receive an alert on our end so we’re ‘in the know’ with appointment activities.

How do I 'sign-in' to your booking site?

On our sign-in page, enter your mobile number. Square will send you a text with a ‘sign in’ code. Type in the code and from there you may view your upcoming appointments, make changes and see your history 24/7. Data rates apply according to your mobile plan.

What if there's a technical issue on your site?

To minimize issues, we advise keeping your web browser up to date. If you have firewall features, pop-up blockers or cookies disabled, you may encounter problems with the booking process. If Square’s server is still giving you issues, please text us at 210-960-2308 so we can assist with manually booking your appointment.


Threading vs. waxing, which is better?

We love threading because its thorough, yet gentle. It’s an excellent hair removal alternative for sensitive skin types. We perform our threading with 100% cotton thread. You are at high risk for injury if you wax and are a retinoid user, take prescription acne medications, get chemical peels, or have compromised skin. Threading removes hair from the root but doesn’t remove layers of skin, preserving elasticity.

Do you offer permanent makeup?

We stay true to our conservative methods and do not perform any invasive procedures. If you’re considering permanent makeup, we encourage you to try our ‘Henna Brow Tint’ service. It’s an excellent way to ‘test drive’ a tattoo without the commitment.

How much are your services?

We offer Standard Services, Combo Deals and Packages. The answer will depend on what you need and the frequency of your visits. Due to our many years of experience, our services reflect specialty rates. Combo Deals offer some savings if you prefer to come ‘as needed’ but packages are the most economical choice. To find Combo Deals, look for the services with ‘Options’ on our online service menu. Click HERE to view our online service menu and prices.

Salon Policies

Before you book, please view our current policies. Policies, booking hours, and pricing are subject to change without notice.