Many don’t know that threading is deregulated in Texas. This means that an artist who performs threading, may freely practice without acquiring a Texas State Cosmetology License. There has been much controversy between those who are licensed, vs. those who are not. The differences are evident primarily in the price and the limitations of an unlicensed artist. I, a Texas Licensed Esthetician who performs threading, feels the consumers should have a right to know, so they can confidently chose their artist and establishment, in which they prefer to receive their threading services, regardless of licensure.


How does this affect you the consumer? For starters, if you are not aware, you have been void of having a say in choosing an artist you feel safe with. Secondly, safety and sanitation are compromised when any artist in the beauty trade, licensed or not, are not following proper protocols for cross-contamination. The purpose of a Cosmetology License is proof that an individual can safely and sanitarily work on clients in a salon setting.

So why did Texas decide to deregulate threading in the first place? Let me start with telling you how I found out! Back in late April of 2018, I contacted the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. I was getting ready to set up shop inside sloan/hall, a high-end boutique in Alamo Heights. Wanting to be compliant, I asked TDLR about the licensing i needed. The rep said, ‘Texas deregulated threading and makeup. You don’t need a license in a retail setting’. Shocked and confused, I responded stating that i also tweeze, tint, use antiseptics, anesthetics and other skin care products to perform my services. I questioned… ‘shouldn’t i be licensed?’. The rep responded back with the state’s Cosmetology handbook proving the other services did need licensure. What mind-boggled me was… I need a license to tweeze, but not to thread… yet both methods remove hair from the root? This is called epilation, a known Cosmetology practice.

Back to the original question… why the deregulation? A few years back, a small group of Indian entrepreneurs joined forces with the Institute For Justice to challenge the state on the matter. Their argument  was that the state was denying them the opportunity to work. Their point was that threading has been practiced safely in their culture for centuries, but in America, they are forced to spend thousands in training. Texas Cosmetology programs do not mention, nor teach one single thing about threading. You can look up the case details here.

Now don’t get me wrong… i’m all for people being entrepreneurs and contributing to our workforce, but i feel all artists should know and practice basic sanitation protocols. Threading is safe when performed by a reputable artist, whether they are licensed or not… but a consumer should have the right to know the difference between a licensed and unlicensed artist. I choose to be licensed because its given me endless opportunities and respect within my trade.

Threading has always been ‘the underdog’ to waxing. I’ll cover this topic in another post, but i always have to defend my trade because threading has such a bad reputation. I honestly think the deregulation doesn’t help elevate threading to its respectable art form. I vouch for threading and believe the results are superior to waxing.