Hair removal methods are a ‘dime a dozen’. You’ve probably tried many and have your preferred method secured. Either or, we can all agree that not every method is a ‘one-size-fits-all’. But one thing is for sure… threading is ‘the underdog’ of hair removal methods.


To be honest, this shocks me. Let me tell you why. I discovered Threading at 26 and i am forever a convert! When i was a teen, i started noticing fuzz on my face and i wanted it gone! I experimented with razors, hair removal creams, facial hair bleach and ‘wax-at-home’ kits. Razors made me feel like a man. Hair removal creams burned my skin, resulting in severe redness and lesions on my face. Bleach creams looked great the first day or so, but the hair was still there, just blonde. Wax always ripped my skin off. I had a major dilemma… hair or irritation? I was limited to shaving or bleach creams, the only two methods my skin could tolerate… but they were still not ideal.

My first encounter with threading was on the job at a beauty salon. Being a newly Licensed Esthetician at Senna Cosmetics Makeup and Brow Studio, i had to learn all the services they offered. Besides eyebrows and makeup, they also offered threading. One of my peers trained me and learned the technique very quickly. One slow day at work, a bright natural light pierced through the store windows, highlighting my facial fuzz. Mortified and with too much time on my hands, i started threading away. It hurt like hell, but i endured. To my amazement, I got the result I finally wanted… a hair free face with no irritation. I was stoked! Since then, threading has been my only method of hair removal. I vouch for it wholeheartedly, as a person who threads herself and as an artist who performs this service on clients. I am so thankful i learned this amazing technique!

I stay away from wax because  it’s messy and aggressive on the skin. I’ve never felt comfortable with the rip effect. Waxing doesn’t give me the super clean effect that threading does. Threading is safe for all skin types, even those who use retinoids, or have sensitive, compromised skin. This is why I, a woman with facial hair insecurities who works in the beauty industry, cares so much about doing quality work. I love bringing confidence back to those who sit in my chair!